3D Modelling

Leading edge in house 3D computer modeling for highly complex projects.

Structural Detailing

Cocciardi works with numerous detailing companies to ensure each job is completed on time and on budget. Cocciardi provides our clients with extremely accurate structural steel shop details. We have a team of highly trained and experienced staff while utilising the latest in specialised software packages such as ProSteel, Autocad and KeyCreator.

Building information Modeling

BIM is the world’s most advanced technical and commercial construction/development discipline and offers significant advantages over traditional construction management and site practices. It is a computer based modelling technology which enables a construction facility or development to be designed, built, operated and tested in a virtual environment, before any work is actually commenced…in much the same way as motor car and aircraft manufacturers model and test their products in a computerised environment before commencing production.

Typically BIM achieves 20% savings in construction timelines and 10% savings in actual building costs compared to traditional methods however when dealing with refurbishments these savings can easily double depending on the complexity of the project:

Design and Construction Benefits of BIM:

  • Elimination of design conflicts prior to construction;
  • Guaranteed coordination and construction timelines;
  • Finite construction timelines and project scheduling and planning;
  • Accelerated commencement of Civil and Engineering Works;
  • Significantly increased opportunity for pre-fabrication;
  • Improved delivery scheduling, material and equipment ordering;
  • Large scale elimination of requests for information (RFIs);
  • Minimisation/elimination of rework and change orders;
  • Ability to use less skilled labour force;
  • Improved safety and environmental performance;
  • Greater cost control and estimating efficiency;
  • Establishment of a continuously updated and accurate model for ongoing facilities management and maintenance.

Project Placement

Cocciardi works with numerous detailing companies to ensure each job is completed on time and on budget.

ISO implementation

With ISO accreditation initially secured in May 2007, Cocciardi is continuing to develope detailing specific systems that will assist more companies in meeting ISO standards.